THC Webinars - Second Home To Meet THC in CA

Thanks to Pacific Gas and Electric Company's Energy Training Center for sponsoring this webinar series.


WEBINAR 4: Second Home to Meet the THC in CA - Bergamaschi
Focus on Baseloads, PV, & Occupant Behavior





San Francisco Architect Frank Bergamaschi thought he built a pretty efficient home for his family in 2000, but when he decided to investigate installing a PV system he was alarmed at the size of the system required to offset his home’s electrical usage. He began sleuthing how best to reduce electricity usage, and discovered that he could achieve significant savings through monitoring and managing his home’s energy system. He was so successful with his efforts that he was able to meet the Thousand Home Challenge while cutting the PV system size in half, the second home in California to achieve this aggressive goal. Not satisfied to stop there, Frank recently enlisted the help of Rick Chitwood to do a full diagnostic energy assessment. Join this webinar to hear the details of how Frank successfully met the Thousand Home Challenge through baseload sleuthing, PV, and occupant behavior.

By participating in this webinar, attendees will

  1. Find out how a focus on baseload energy management helped this project meet the Thousand Home Challenge
  2. Learn about the energy performance results of this project
  3. Hear about future opportunities to improve energy performance discovered through a recent energy assessment



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