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The best way to get involved with the Thousand Home Challenge is to contact Linda Wigington,

You should start by attending one of Linda's introductory webinars. 

Friday, October 9, 1-2:30 (Eastern Time); 10-11:30 (Pacific Time)

Friday, November 6, 1-2:30 (Eastern Time); 10-11:30 (Pacific Time)

Click here to register for a webinar:  NOTE: please register at least one hour prior to the start time.


These webinars introduce the Thousand Home Challenge, explain the basis for meeting the Challenge, and answer your questions. As a result of attending, participants should have a clearer idea of whether or not they are interested in participating in the THC as a homeowner, consultant, contractor, organization, or initiative. The webinar does not drill into the technical opportunities for reducing energy use, but rather explains the basis for, and how to determine a project’s customized threshold to meet the Thousand Home Challenge.

Participating in the webinar is the first step in getting involved. 

The second step is to register your project. After participating in the Intro webinar, complete the first three worksheets in the excel spreadsheet below. After you have submitted that you will receive a link and instructions for completing the1000 Home Challenge application. Projects can complete the application at the early planning stage of their project.

Once the application is reviewed they will be a candidate.  Other homes may already meet or nearly meet the 1000 Home Challenge and complete the application along with their most recent year of eneryg use. At the point that that the final application is accepted they have officially met the 1000 Home Challenge.

Threshold Calculator for Project Registration


The Thousand Home Challenge is now recognizing projects that achieve their "50% Milestone". These projects represent either ~ 50% better than average energy performance, or 50% reduction in their household energy use. To meet the 1000 Home Challenge they would need to cut their use in half again. There is much we can learn from these projects. While the threshold to achieve this recognition is easy to determine, the recognition has not been incorporated into the website content. Stay tuned for updates!




To Receive the Thousand Home Challenge Application

Contact Linda Wigington for the current version of the Home Challenge application (excel document).


Participate in the Thousand Home Challenge group on Building Performance Community

The Building Performance Community (BPC) is a great social media website brought to you by the folks at the Building Performance Association  There is a group on this website devoted to the Thousand Home Challenge where you can leave messages and interact with other people involved in the Thousand Home Challenge. First step - Join BPC, here is the link, then join our group

 Check out this discussion: Actual Energy Use - 20 Thousand Home Challenge Projects & 20th Project to Meet 1000 Home Challenge


Threshold Calculator

Document Updated 08/13/15 - This spreadsheet calculates the customized household energy allowance that must be met or exceeded to meet the Thousand Home Challenge, using OPTION A (based on actual pre-consumption) or Option B (based on climate, finished floor area, number of occupants, and heating source). User inputs are entered in the first tab, User Interface. The updated 2015 version includes the calculation for the 50% Milestone recognition. The Thousand Home Challenge is in the pilot phase. Comments on the Threshold Calculator should be sent to Linda Wigington.. Thanks to Michael Blasnik for his in-kind assistance in the design and development of the framework for determining the OPTION B allowance.
Click here to download this EXCEL DOC



THC Homeowner Priorities Worksheet

Updated 04/04/16 - THC Homeowner Priorities Worksheet helps a household (and project team) clarify their priorities in order to make the value proposition for a proposed deep energy retrofit project. This supports the design process and improves communication with the project team (or family members) as well.The spreadsheet contains the same items in two different worksheets; the second worksheet is laid out to be printed on one page.
Click here to download this EXCEL DOC

THC Health, Safety, and Durability Plan

Updated 08/17/15 - THC Heal-Saf-Durability Have-a-Plan raises issues that may be relevant to a retrofit project's success and begins to document health, safety, and durability considerations within the scope of work. This references US EPA "Healthy Indoor Environmental Protocols for Home Energy Upgrades" available via, NOTE: The EPA document was designed to address energy upgrades in existing homes, however, the recommendations do not necessarily reflect the best option for low energy homes. For example, it is usually preferable to eliminate an emission source such as a gas cooking stove, rather than to spot ventilate.
Click here to download this EXCEL DOC (to use as a worksheet)
Click here to download the PDF (to print)

THC Reduction Matrix

Updated 03/11/2019 - The THC Reduction Matrix can be used for any proposed or potential Thousand Home Challenge project. It is used to allocate energy use and reductions in order to better understand how a project will meet the project's target use. Instructions are in the first worksheet.
Click here to download this EXCEL DOC

THC Ten Steps to Deep Energy Reductions

Updated 03/27/11 - Ten Steps to Deep Energy Reductions provides a framework for assessing and implementing a deep energy reduction project for a specific dwelling.
Click here to download this PDF

THC Principles for Smart Staging

Updated 11/18//13 - If doing an "All-at-Once" project is not an option, consider these principles as you plan a staged approach to deep reductions.
Click here to download this PDF

THC Paths to Thermal Comfort

Updated 11/18//13 - THC Paths to Thermal Comfort stimulates out of the box thinking to support the examination of a full array of solutions to reduce heat loss or heat gain and to enhance thermal comfort.
Click here to download this PDF

Guiding Principles for Deep Energy Reductions

Updated 03/26/11 - What are the universal principles that define and guide deep energy reduction projects? What is missing? How can the wording be improved? Help clarify the principles that guide deep energy reduction projects. We welcome your feedback!
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